Built-in fan

    Say bye-bye to sweaty palms, what makes Zephyr so unique is a built-in fan that cools your hand as you use it. With an RPM range from 0 to 10,000, you can customize it to four gears you like a gentle breeze or full-blown arctic wind. 

    The Pixart 3389 sensor

    Compared to the Pixart 3360, 3389 is one of the best optical sensors out there, gives us the choice of setting DPI on our own by clicking the dedicated center button on Zephyr for effortless adjustment of your preferred DPI.

    OMRON switches

    Unlike others' run of the mill switches, Zephyr has the ultra-durable OMRON switches that give you up to 50M clicks. OMRON is a Japanese company that has been around since 1933 and today is recognized as the best manufacturer for precision switches that last a lifetime.

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    Pre-order (ship from October) Zephyr Gaming Mouse, built-in fan so no more sweaty palms

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    Color - Black

    Choose the resomution with a simple click to show accent colors on the side and the scroll wheel.

    You can customize it to four gears you linke a gentle breeze or full-blown arctic wind.

    Smooth & Flexible

    Zephyr comes with a fabric-wrapped, high-grade paracord cable, which brings you more flexibility. The gold plated USB connector and non-stick PTFE bottom pads also make it stands out.

    Easy to clean

    Thanks to the detachable shell, it's a breeze to clean Zephyr. A blower is great for getting rid of the accumulated dust inside. It's easy to wipe clean the surface since no rubber grips on the mouse.


    Zephyr is only 68 grams, which is great for gaming because it feels just as airy as it looks, making it effortless to zoom across your desk. More flexibility, more possibility.

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