Marsback Marsback
Marsback Marsback

Why Marsback M1?

CNC'd Polycarbonate base

Marsback uses CNC'd Polycarbonate base simply for the wonderful aesthetic and lack of tooling costs. Each keyboard is engraved, assembled, and finished by hand, a translucent opaline Polycarbonate top with nice-looking beveled edges.

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Hot-swappable Marsback Switch

Marsback designed its own switch, light and short on touch. The trigger reaction is as low as 1ms, and the noise control during pressing is relatively great. We apply lubricating the switch's mandrel and the connection of the spring to make the switch rebound smoother.

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Marsback Pro Software

The M1 uses Marsback Pro software to control the keyboard settings, it has a simple, easy-to-know layout with a variety of personalization options. You can record your own custom macros, adjust the response speed, set up game profiles, and create your own lighting effects.

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powerful rgb backlights

M1 has 16.8M color full-covered RGB backlight, 360° surrounded with 9 default effects via onboard system. The Audio visualization program converts all the audio signals into a beautiful audio equalizer lighting effect by separating the low, middle, and high notes.

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